What’s Included

  • 1
    The Big Picture From A to Z
    • Course overview and how to bring everything together
    • How Everything Fits Together With Real World Examples
  • 2
    Step 1: Screening and refining your leads
    • Populating your equity spreadsheet
    • Excel Template Example
    • Priority of Liens and Hidden Debt
    • Refining and filtering your top picks
  • 3
    Step 2: Learning What You Don't Know That You Don't Know
    • Manual Refinements to Top Picks
  • 4
    Step 3: First Contact and Sealing the Deal
    • Initial Contact Scripts and Responses - Foreclosure and Probate Leads
    • Automating your initial outreach letters
  • 5
    Step 4: Pre-Closing Due Diligence and Risk Management
    • Case Study - HOA Foreclosure
    • Case Study - First time in the property
    • Last Minute Auction Due Diligence (details apply to all types of deals)
    • Special Circumstances - Last minute bankruptcy, missing mortgage docs and other odd situations
  • 6
    Step 5: Exit strategies and on the fly troubleshooting
    • How to Find Local, Qualified Cash Buyers for Wholesaling Without Connections
    • HOA Foreclosure Tips
    • Real World Example
  • 7
    Foreclosure Auctions
    • The Keys To Bidding And Winning At Auction
    • Real World Auction Examples pt 1
    • Real World Auction Examples pt 2 - HOA Auctions
    • Real World Auction Examples pt 3
  • 8
    Bonus Resources
    • Free Ebook Copy of The Ultimate Guide To Off-Market Real Estate Investment
    • Free Audiobook Copy of The Ultimate Guide To Off-Market Real Estate Investment


Daniel Arvatz

Real Estate Developer and Auction Buyer

"I've been in real estate since 2001, but when I saw his system I flew my whole team in to meet him... just to learn how he perfected the system."

Eric J. Braunstein

Real Estate Title Attorney

"Over the course of 8 years, I've personally done over 1,000 flips or other closings with Liran and I have not seen an instance of him taking any big hits, at all. Kind of amazing, if you think about it."

Ilan Eliyahu

Owner of Comp R US

"I was blown away by the technology and the simplicity. Before, it took me months to find just one good investment property... now I'm finding leads and closing almost every month."

Yoni Levy

Owner of Digital Land TV

"He was always available for any question and really showed how the big investors work. You can see his passion for teaching and mentoring, which makes this course really different than anything else online."

Juliana Gaita

Foreclosure Defense Attorney

"If Liran doesn't know the answer to something, he knows how to find it. That gives him a real advantage... That's why we can create a win-win situation out of whatever we're presented with."